How to Get Back Into the Gym

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How to Get Back Into the Gym

We all know returning to the gym after time off can be no easy feat. Whether you've been away because of injury, lockdowns, or just had some time off, taking an extended break from the gym can take its toll.

Once you're out of the habit, it can feel almost impossible to get that motivation back. Not just with training, but with eating habits too! To add insult to injury, you've probably lost some strength and a little bit of gym confidence. Plus, you know how sore you're going to be the whole next week!

Don't think about any lost gains a minute longer - we've got you covered. Let's look at some solutions so you can get back on track with your workouts:

Find your motivation:

This is one of the most challenging problems for people wanting to get back into the gym after time off. Once you stop, it's hard to get moving again. A lack of motivation can come from simply being physically inactive - so get your body moving, even if it's not to the level you want just yet. Even a short workout will give you the energy needed for your next one. Need a kick to get started? Try Freak3d by Anabolix - a solid all-rounder pre-workout with the stimulants to get you moving and the active ingredients for that rewarding muscle pump. Do you want to get on that summer shred? Try Oxyshred by EHP Labs (which comes in a Hardcore version for those used to strong pre-workouts), + add in Genetix Acetyl-L-Carnitine to amplify your efforts!

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Take care of your muscle recovery:

One thing you might be stressing about could be that next-level muscle soreness after your first workout back (i.e. the dreaded DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). A simple way to minimise this is to EASE into your training- take some EAAs and BCAAs (Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids) during training - and make sure you refuel your aching muscles after your session. 

Keyz by Black Magic contains all your EAAs and BCAAs, plus an antioxidant and electrolyte blend to help you recover and feel good. 

For lean muscle goals, try one of our top sellers - Lean Whey by Genetix Nutrition; for a protein blend you can take any time, or for a plant-based protein option, Ultimate Plant Protein by B Raw has you covered with added greens and grains for an all-round nutrient boost.

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Get your nutrition on point:

Now that you're finding a bit of routine and the habit is strengthening again, make sure you support your newfound workout motivation with healthy eating habits. You don't need to do a complete overhaul to see results - slow and steady wins the race! 

Small tweaks in nutrition can lead to significant results, both in fitness and body composition goals over the long term. Boost your intake of nutrient-dense greens with Ultimate Greens by B Raw. Digestion a bit 'off' lately? Gained weight during lockdowns? Try Gutright by ATP - with the 10-day modbiotic diet protocol, you'll feel ready for action!

No one excepts you to be all clean and green with no fun - this is all about being sustainable! Want a sweet treat that is low carb and contributes to your protein intake? Check out our delicious protein treats!

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The takeaway:

We know that getting back to your training routine can be daunting. Take these simple steps on board, and you will be on the way to your fittest self ever in no time! 


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