How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Immunity

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How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Immunity

We all know that exercise is not only good physically, but it is also essential for mental health. With gyms around the country all closed, bootcamps sessions cancelled and outdoor training areas also shut, how can we stay fit and active during these unprecedented times?

Many people have taken their exercise routine to the outdoors, and many have also found themselves losing the motivation to actually exercise. In a new analysis published in the international journal Exercise Immunology Review, which was released by the University of Bath, it showed that regular exercise also benefits the immunity.

With the pandemic, many questions have been raised when it comes to immunity and how to stay as healthy as possible during these unusual times. To this day, there’s still no scientific data on how physical activity may help to boost the immune response against Covid-19. However, many studies have shown how exercise affects immune function.

According to one study, short bouts and moderate-intensity exercise is a great benefit to immune defence, especially in older adults and people with chronic diseases. However, the research had also shown that high-performance athletes reported high infection problems. This happens as arduous exercise can suppress immunity, which can cause increased infection risks.[1]

In the article, it was concluded that infections are more likely to be linked to unhealthy diet, psychological stress, travel, insufficient sleep and exposure to large gatherings such as marathons. In conclusion, the study found that daily and regular exercise can only help the immune system if done safely.

According to the Australian Government Department of Health, the recommended physical activity for adults (17 – 64 years) is 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week as well as at least 2 days a week of strength activities.

Are you wondering how you can stay fit, healthy and motivated through these unusual times? Keep reading then…

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