6 Ways to Increase Your Daily Burn

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6 Ways to Increase Your Daily Burn

With the recent launch of Beforeyouspeak’s Unsweetened and Original + Extra Shot Thermo Coffee, weird and wonderful ways to move our bodies has been an ongoing topic of interest for the last few weeks. Let’s look at some unique ways to enjoy exercise that you may not know existed!

1. Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga is just what it sounds like, a range of exercises and stretches designed to define and contour the muscles in the face. In-person classes are available for this cheekbone enhancing practice if you’re brave enough to look a little silly in public, otherwise, there are plenty of online tutorials to get you started.

Although further research is needed into the efficacy of facial yoga, reported side effects include an increase in muscle tone which gives a lifted and smoother appearance as well increased blood flow to the face improving overall complexion!

2. Cycle and Sightsee 

Why not get moving on your next sightseeing trip? We’re not talking about the Coca Cola pedal taxi in Chile that reduces your fare the more you cycle… We’re talking about the bike hire options springing up in capital cities around the world. Instead of waiting for an Uber on an *awkward to park on* street corner, jump on a hire bike, set up your navigation and cycle your way around all the hottest attractions!

Even if you aren’t planning any trips right now, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a full ‘backyard tourist’ experience and explore the hidden gems in your own capital city.

3. Phone Charging Cardio 

Multitasking made easy? Or just a good way to get the kids (or yourself) off the couch when their devices go flat? In 2014 Samsung pioneered a bike that uses your spin power to charge your phone, and although only a prototype at this stage, there seems to be an increase in exercise opportunities that give the added reward of a full device battery. Dynamo USB bicycle chargers are widely available and these use the energy you produce while cycling to charge your phone, they only work over a certain speed though so you have to hustle! 

If cycling isn’t your thing, PULSE have pioneered a limited edition skipping rope that harnesses kinetic energy and converts it to electrical energy which can then be used to charge your phone. Super handy if you’re heading somewhere where electricity is scarce!

4. Karaoke Spin Class 

Karaoke Spin Class, or Cycle Karaoke, lets you exercise your vocal cords as well as burning some extra calories. Belting out a banger or two while you ride is a great way of relieving stress and distracting yourself from the pain of a spin class, shut up legs! Instructors encourage attendees to pedal in time with the beat and transition cyclists between both fast and slower paced tracks to provide a range of intensity and resistance. These classes also claim to help with breath control during exercise and provide a physical queue when you’ve got more in the tank and need to up the ante. If you can still sing every word, you probably aren’t working to your full potential.

5. Apocalypse Training 

Apocalypse Survival Training is a smartphone app that blasts instructions through your headphones to guide you through a fantasy, apocalyptic world based boot camp. With workouts curated by industry professionals, the training is designed to prepare you as a recruit to face a war unlike any seen before! 

Every episode has been recorded with full character actors and sound effects to provide an immersive and entertaining training experience to add some fun and drama to your workout. 

The app features plenty of episodes and training options and is available to download from the usual platforms.

6. Goat Yoga 

Yup, it’s yoga with free-roaming goats! Cat and dog yoga are also a thing (separately, of course, otherwise that would be chaos) and we are here for it! What better way to improve your strength, balance and flexibility than via a yoga class with a cute and furry twist. I’m not sure having adorable animals demanding attention would be the best way to zen your mind and practice engaged meditation during Savasana, but somehow we think it might be worth the sacrifice.

Yoga with animals is growing in popularity and is a great way to get active and borrow someone else's pets for a while if you’re not able to keep your own. Animal rescues are even starting to get on board as a way of raising funds and showcasing the animals they have available for adoption through their foundation!


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